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Our Story

The idea of a business geared specifically towards Little People is one that Charles has been pursuing for a long time.  Having been born a little person, Charles soon realized the challenges of finding a job.  With an interest in owning his own business from a very early age, Charles always wanted to create a business that would financially help other little people, but the timing was never right. 

In late 2005, the idea resurfaced. Charles discussed his vision with two of his close friends. Without much convincing, everyone agreed that the timing was finally right.

With an catchy name and a website, a business was born.

Our Future

The company’s ultimate goal is to create a brand that is recognized as a quality company everywhere, by people of all sizes, from all walks of life. We look to unite Little People with individuals and/or companies interested in hiring Little People for private parties, special events, promotions or TV shows.

To us, it's the LITTLE PEOPLE that count!



If you are a little person and are currently looking to make some extra cash, please contact us.

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